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INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #2 —  Provide Clarity in Instructions and Routines

Just as in traditional classroom settings, online learning takes planning. The most effective instructional plans start with what you want your students to know and to learn. In an online environment, it is essential for teachers to help students clearly know what to expect each day by explaining what they will be learning.  

All assignments and resources should be kept in one place and daily procedures should be consistent. 

Present instruction in chunks with simple, clear instructions and examples. Try to find ways to add something “normal” in your instruction. If students use Lexia in class, have them use Lexia as part of their daily online routine. Routine and structure will help students more easily construct meaning. Remember to be overly clear and overly simple. Provide a general schedule that is not time-bound! Students cannot be expected to follow a precise time schedule.

How can you do this?

  • Follow the 10-Lesson Template provided by the Digital Teaching & Learning Team.
  • Provide consistent and timely feedback to students. Check in with students frequently. Respond to assignments with voice or video whenever possible.  Approach all assignments and student expectations with flexibility
  • Use tools that provide instant feedback to students.
  • Add reminders in your schedule for students to spend the appropriate amount of time on school-based software tools




Canvas Videos Feature

Canvas has a built-in video recorder  that can be accessed in any text field. That means teachers can record themselves and the recording is automatically embedded in the text.






Screencastify is an online tool that allows users to record everything on the screen. Teachers can use this tool to demonstrate how to use online resources. The program allows teachers to record themselves as well. (Or both at the same time.) This is a program that requires a teacher account and is being offered for free.


ThinkCentral, Journey, Lexia, iReady, Imagine Learning, 

Use programs that are part of students’ traditional classroom schedule. Many vendors have extended licensing options. (Instructions)

 Remember to provide instructions for parents. 

Remote Learning with Lexia

Phonemic Awareness Videos 

NEW! Google MEET

Google MEET is a tool that allows individuals to meet virtually. Google MEET is simple to use and can include up to 100 participants. 

Follow the link for information on how to implement MEET.





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