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6th Graders Interested in 8th Grade Honors

The link to take the assessment to qualify for 8th grade Honors as a 6th Grader.

Click HERE TO TEST FOR 8th Grade Honors Mathematics 


Need help getting prepared to go into 8th grade honors? 

Link to Resource to Prepare for 8th grade Honors

Please take the assessment by March 1, 2022. To view the 7th grade standards, click here. Upon completion of the assessment, your child will receive a score and the middle school will be notified of your child’s placement.

In light of the education experiences surrounding COVID-19, we see a greater need for students to solidify understanding and build a solid mathematical foundation. 7th grade mathematics is the cornerstone for understanding algebra, geometry, ratios and  proportional reasoning, which are critical to the understanding of trigonometry and calculus. Students who select the 8th grade honors pathway should be proficient in these domains.  The District is not able to provide summer courses as in previous years due to funding being reallocated.  If students qualify for 8th grade Honors, they will have to be fully prepared to begin 8th grade in August. The following math rubric can be used in order to make informed decisions on which mathematics class is appropriate.

Math Placement Rubric: