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Professional Development

Secondary Mathematics Professional Development

Jordan School District

Acing your Disc-course in the Classroom

Acing Your Disc-course in the Classroom is an engaging synchronous course on the nature of discourse, its role in the mathematics classroom and the concepts of Productive, Powerful and Purposeful classroom discourse.

Six Sessions - Three Full day: 8:30am-3:30pm, November, February, March Three Evening: 3:30pm-6:30pm, December, January, April

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USBE PL Opportunities

For additional information on any of the opportunities listed below, go to this link or contact Lindsey Henderson, the USBE Secondary Mathematics Specialist.

Summer Professional Learning Opportunity





USBE Secondary Mathematics Professional Learning Collaborations

Grassroots Registration

Stanford/YouCubed Registration

USBE Secondary Mathematics Professional Learning Opportunities

Book Study Registration

All USBE Secondary Math Professional Learning Opportunities are:
Self-Paced (deadline is August 30, 2021)
Take between 7-14 hours to complete

What your peers are saying about the books:

"Before I read this book, I thought that some students had a natural ability that let things come easier to them than others because of my own experiences and because of the differences in success I see in the students in my classroom. Now that I've read this book, I think that student's success is shaped by their experiences and can be improved through the way we present our material to students.  Multidimensional lessons, open-ended discovery tasks and activities that encourage/teach flexibility of thinking about numbers allow all students to have access to their potential in math learning."

USBE Mini-Professional Learning Series
Mini-Professional Learning Registration

All Mini's are:

  • Asynchronous
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Collaborative
  • ~7 hours of coursework
  • Earn participants 0.5 USBE Credit Hours upon completion.


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For Principals

Our Secondary Mathematics Specialist and/or Consultant are available to help departments with:

  • Coaching

  • PLC Support

  • Data Review

  • Utah State Mathematics Standards Core support