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Teachers | 8th Grade Math

JSD Curriculum and Core Documents

State core Changes as of 2018

State Core

8th Grade 2020 - 2021

8th Grade Math Curriculum Map

7th/8th Grade Math Compression Curriculum Map 2019-2020

8th Grade Math Curriculum Map Illustrative Mathematics Pilot 2019-2020

8th Grade Math Proficiency Scale

8th Grade I Can Statements

8th Grade Core

Utah Middle School Project 8th Grade

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8th Grade Honors Topics

Understand the concepts and applications of fairness and apportionment. (8.H.1)

Examine different methods of voting. (8.H.2)

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Understand sets and use set notation to communicate mathematical ideas. (8.H.3)

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Use graphing techniques to model situations that extend beyond the coordinate plane. (8.H.4)