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The benchmark tests are common formative assessments designed for use in PLC groups.  Testing results should be compiled and submitted to principals.  Teachers may give the benchmark pre-assessments in order to show growth.  The tests are primarily multiple-choice with a constructed response question.  They are also designed to assess student understanding of concepts, procedures, and representations.

Follow ethical testing practices when administering benchmark assessments, such as those established for SAGE.  Provide a testing environment that allows for teacher and student integrity.  Students with IEPs must be accommodated according to their documented goals.  Keep the assessments secure.  They are not intended to be sent home.

MasteryConnect Courses to use

 The old assessments are password protected.

The current assessments are password protected.

SLO Forms

The following courses have SLOs written for them.  The SLO forms are available on the SLO website.

  • AP Calculus AB/BC

  • AP Statistics

  • College Prep Math

  • Intro to Statistics

  • Mathematical Decision Making for Life

  • Mathematics of Personal Finance

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Supplemental Math 1/Math Lab

  • Supplemental Math 2

  • Supplemental Math 3

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