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We are committed to EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY getting high quality mathematics instruction.



Secondary I, II, and III: Students are able to continue their coursework during the summer online via Utah Students Connect. Students who wish to register with Utah Students Connect must contact their counselor at their school in order to be able to register.  The Utah Students Connect requires a fee of $46.50 per quarter credit. Here are the next steps to register for classes.


7th Grade/7th Grade Honors Support

8th Grade/8th Grade Honors Support

Secondary I/Secondary I Honors Support


            Latest News: June 1-5

  1. Online schooling will continue as usual for the rest of the year.
  2. Our summer courses are canceled. 
  3. Breakfast and lunch are still available at elementary schools. IT IS FREE for children 0-18 years of age.
  4. Testing is SUSPENDED this year. More information here.
  5. AP testing will be done at home this year.  Go here for details.
  6. JOIN US! We are doing Virtual Collaborations by mathematics taught. Find the schedule below.



Guidelines for Preparing for At-Home Learning

We are entering a new frontier in education and we will be learning and growing together. Each of us will need guidance and support as we learn how instruction works most effectively in an at-home learning environment. The stress and emotions that students, parents and teachers experience during a time like this will be very different than what the majority of us have experienced before. In an effort to help support well-being and meaningful learning, we have created a set of instructional guidelines. We hope the guidelines will help each of us focus on the right things and be assured that we can do this together.

INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #1 --  Maintain Connections and Engagement with Students

INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #2 --  Provide Clarity in Instructions and Routines

INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #3 -- Focus on Core Instruction

INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #4 -- Pace Yourself and Your Students

INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #5 -- Capitalize on the Home Environment

INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDELINE #6 -- Reach out to Colleagues and Support Personnel