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Stop Giving Inexperienced Teachers All the Lower-Level Math Classes, Reformers Argue - 5/5/20 - This article in Education Week argues that rotating teachers through classes of different ability levels is better for students and prevents educator burnout.

US students lag other countries in math. The reason probably lies in how schools teach it. - 2/28/2020 – This article in USA Today discusses how different approaches to math education may lead to higher achievement, and describes how changes in how SFUSD teaches math have led to a major increase in disadvantaged students enrolling in higher-level math classes as juniors and seniors.
Is It Time to Detrack Math? - 8/9/19 - This article in Edutopia discusses districts that are moving to end the practice of tracking and review research that suggests tracking may deepen educational inequities—with little benefit for students’ academic performance.

Learning in the "New Now" has required us all to make adjustments. Use this toolkit as you move forward to meet students' needs.

These resources are intended to assist Secondary Mathematics teachers in creating and/or delivering high-quality mathematics instruction to our students.


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