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Parents & Students | 7th Grade Math

7th Grade Utah State Core Standards

Family Materials for MATH 7

These short summary videos and resources will give you a brief overview of the lessons that students participate in during class and help you to understand how the concepts are taught.  The video Lesson summaries highlight key points and vocabulary that students learn across several lessons. This supports students for checking their understanding and reviewing important concepts and vocabulary.  Videos can also be viewed with children as a review of concepts covered in class.

Unit 1 Scale Drawings

  1. BIG IDEA#1 Scaled Copies
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Scale Drawings

 Unit 2 Introducing Proportional Relationships

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Representing Proportional Relationships with Tables
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Representing Proportional Relationships with Equations
  3. BIG IDEA #3 Representing Proportional Relationships with Graphs

Unit 3 Measuring Circles

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Circumference of a Circle
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Area of a Circle

Unit 4 Expressions and Equations

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Proportional Relationships with Fractions
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Percent Increase and Decrease
  3. BIG IDEA #3 Applying Percentages

Unit 5 Rational Number Arithmetic

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers
  3. BIG IDEA #3 Four Operations with Rational Numbers

Unit 6 Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Representing Situations of the Form px+q=r and p(x+q)=r
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Solving Equations of the Form px+q=r and p(x+q)=r and Problems That Lead to Those Equations
  3. BIG IDEA #3 Inequalities
  4. BIG IDEA #4 Writing Equivalent Expressions

Unit 7 Angles, Triangles, and Prisms

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Angle Relationships
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Drawing Polygons with Given Conditions
  3. BIG IDEA #3 Solid Geometry

Unit 8 Probability and Sampling

  1. BIG IDEA #1 Probabilities of Single Step Events
  2. BIG IDEA #2 Probabilities of Multi-step Events
  3. BIG IDEA #3 Sampling
  4. BIG IDEA #4 Using Samples

Unit 9 Putting it All Together

Culminating Projects Incorporating Ideas from Throughout the Year